here there is no path

Here there is no path

here there is no path

Sometimes I wonder if all you must do, is that exactly, just do what you imagine, dream, wish, want and desire.

But, how do you choose what to do, what path to take?

If you set out on a path, does it set you on the path that you should be on? 

In a world defined by choices, is it such that we may choose anything? 

I like to think ANYTHING is possible.

I hope these aren’t the naive thoughts and ramblings of a young man, but rather, the optimistic outlook on life of a young man.

I will find my way, as will you.  >>>>>>>>


Time keeps on ticking, will you accept it or try to fight it?

Punctilious Exactitude

“Only let me warn you that I am proverbial for my punctilious exactitude in keeping my engagements” (Dumas).

The rules are life are vastly agreed upon and vastly debated.  Arthur Rubinstein said, “There is no formula for success except perhaps an unconditional acceptance of life and what it brings.” So using this statement as our focal point, let us agree that time is an agreed upon system of life, furthermore, let us agree, that physics, specifically distance, speed, and time, are constrained to finite quantities.

Still with me? Good, moving forward.

Thus, if we may have an understanding of the above systems and elements, then why are people often late? More interestingly, why are people often unaware as to why they are late? You must know someone or possibly even yourself whom at one time or another has dealt with this situation.   Well, I can admit to being one who constantly rode the late horse in.

Until one day when I had an awakening; I saw people in utter misery sitting in traffic and realized, this is not the way.  Those who accept time as a system but still find themselves being late fail to accept the other elements and account for difficulties.  This is not the way.  The way is to accept life and work with it, not against it.  

Don’t follow the masses, rise earlier, accomplish more in less time, enjoy a stress free, quite morning and drive into work before the traffic.  

Take a lesson from the Count of Monte Cristo, become proverbial for your punctilious exactitude in keeping your engagements.  You don’t need to become obsessive, you need to build a habit.  

Time keeps on ticking, will you accept it or try to fight it?

Striving for excellence

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” 

Each one of us has the ability to accomplish greatness.  Greatness however is relative to each individual; and while one’s greatness may seem larger than another’s, if each is striving for excellence by deeply and intensely focusing on their goal, their greatness is equal.  Thus, excellence is achieved by relentlessly striving towards progress.  Your excellence is not greater than mine and vice versa; one’s excellence is only greater than another’s when the other stops trying to move forward.

Always move forward.  Build progressive habits and achieve greatness.  

with an explosion of light you enter the internet

Would you go into the internet?

What I call immersion will one day take place and we who adopt it will enter the internet.

Equation for immersion:

{3D environments + the Matrix premise + Tron premise + X Box Kinect + a physical capsule} = Immersion

Imagine stepping into a physical capsule, sealing it, strapping yourself into the stabilization device, putting on your immersion glasses, nerve ending gloves, and activating the connection. The capsule will explode in light the way Las Vegas appears on the Nevada horizon at night and you will enter the internet.

Then go to Ebay and visit with thousands of buyers or sellers in an infinitely large auction house, test drive a Ferarri, or climb Mount Everest, all from the comfort and safety of your home.

with an explosion of light you enter the internet

This is what I call Immersion. Would you join me?


Like A Jet

Like a Jet

Like a jet

Like a jet we power towards the end and launch into the sky
Like a jet we take flight
Unlike a jet it’s just us no Machine,
Like the jet our engine is our heart and our fuel is passion
Like a jet, we take flight.

Like A Jet

Like A Jet


Do you have any original ideas?

Not to start a debate but rather cultivate intelligent opinions, do you think we are running out of ideas?


Do you think we* have run out of original ideas?

Or the anthesis, will we reengineer old ideas to form new ones and from these ideas that were inspired by others create new completely original ideas?

*We meaning humanity presently ad infinitum. 

What’s your PPI Score?

You know your credit score, Klout Score, how many friends you have on facebook, more importantly how many connections you have on Linkedin, the number of RT’s you got on that last jesting tweet, you know you body fat percentage, your height and weight, you know if your girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse is happy or mad at you; but do you know your PPI Score?

Allow me to introduce what just came to me in a dream:

The Personal Performance Index Score. 

All around you and for the majority of your life, you have been measured, benchmarked, and rated.  You know where you stand for that promotion, you know if you passed or failed that last exam, you know if you’re on your way towards your goals or vastly missing the mark.  Now, I’m not aware of an Index Score that takes a 360 degree perspective of your life.  But if there was one that was reported to you daily? What if you knew where you stood of all aspects of your life?

A few examples:

On track towards your professional goals: 9

Body Fat Percentage of Goal: 1

Quality Friendships: 7

Academic Performance: 9

Mental Health: 9

Physical Health: 9

Total PPI Score . . .

Imagine if you knew your performance in every aspect of your life? What could you accomplish if you knew where you stood? The interesting thing is that for the most part, I bet you could make your own list of Personal Performance Points to be measured on and rate yourself; and if you did it objectively enough, you’d be on your way towards progress.

How close are you to achieving your full potential?

What is your PPI Score? 

At least you tried




An idea strikes you.  You stop, everything stops.  The idea fills your consciousness and germinates into a nearly tangible thing.  You put pen to paper, fingers on keys, and draft it up.  Then, the classic situation plays out, I guarantee it, someone says, “Ok, I like it, BUT . . .”.   I find the word “but” to be a hurdle, a motivator to cover all the angles, which are impossible.  With an idea, you can’t possibly cover every angle always.  Something is always bound to be not completely explored and fleshed out.  This creates a rather pivotal moment, the moment when one has doubt and the other has a vision.

The one with doubt steps away, while the other with vision moves forward.

Regardless of where you fall in this equation, ask yourself, do you want to say “but” to the next opportunity you’re presented with, or do you want to say, “How can we make this happen?”.  I believe success in life is largely due to your mindset.  This mindset leads some down the road less traveled and others with the masses.

Look at any successful person ever past or present and you will see where they could’ve been doubted, which led to detracting and abandoning their idea.  Imagine how many people told Theodore Roosevelt that the Panama Canal was an impossible dream? Imagine how many people told Armstrong that he would never step on the moon? Imagine how many people told you that your idea was impossible and you let it go?

Ask yourself, do you want to be the detractor, the what if or do you want to be the visionary who takes action?

In the end, if you try and fail, at least you tried.  Now get back up and try again . . . ad infinitum!