To meet or not to meet in real life

As the average person becomes “too busy” to find love using traditional methods, online dating has proliferated as a the easy, efficient and effective solution many singles have been waiting for.

Whether you are a fan of online match making or not a new service is available that will forever change the way people go about meeting.  It’s an app called MeetMoi, that uses GPS and a gambit of your interests to make matches with those within your geographic proximity.

Now finding love or friendship or a business partner or a mentor is an online profile, a GPS pinpoint away.

Interesting beyond a doubt. This technology truly represents a concept that fascinates me which I call:

Bridging the Gap ~ closing the void between the physical and digital world.  

Watch the video here to find out more and please share your opinions.  

An Object Bank

A Mad Idea

Ok first clear your mind, then, open it.

Imagine an Object Bank.  A safe and secure warehouse filled with every possible product imaginable, located in each state and possibly each country around the world.  Within these object banks are well, objects.  The point being to standardize wages throughout the entire world, reducing transportation of goods from the manufacturer to the end consumer, and stimulating commerce like never before.  Yes, Object Banks will disrupt many industries, but imagine, that these industries and those employed pivoted to the Object Bank.

What is an Object Bank? Well, if you’ve gotten this far, I’ll tell you.  An Object Bank would house products straight from the manufacturer, when you would like to purchase a product, you visit the Object Bank’s website, shop around, make your purchase and have it delivered.

But, what about when you would like to sell something on the secondary market?

Imagine a world where you offer your car for sale in the United States and a Hong Kong buyer wires your purchase price into your PayPal account, you simply deposit your car into the Object Bank and simultaneously, the buyer withdrawals an identical car from the Object Bank in Hong Kong.

The Possible Facts; Object Banks:

1) Will be open 24/7

2) Will accept all forms of currency

3) Will be safe and insured

4) Will disrupt industries

5) Will create many new jobs in an exciting new industry

Is it possible? Please share your thoughts.

An Object Bank
Bridging the Gap

Connect With Anyone Using iPhone

Bridging the Gap

An iPhone app that connects you with anyone you “see” through your viewfinder in real life.  As you encounter people on the random walk of life, hold your iPhone up and “see” if they have a Bridge Page.  A Bride Page allows you to view a static connect page of the person using augmented reality and near field communication features.  The app is free and is always available tomorrow.

Thoughts on Social Entrepreneurship: Business minded thinking for charity, society, and change

Thoughts on Social Entrepreneurship:

The Power of Unreasonable People

Business minded thinking for charity, society, and change

Unreasonable people get emotional, are unqualified, and want to change the system.  Unreasonable people are often amateurs who change the world.  They ask the tough questions others seem to ignore and search, painstakingly for the answers.  To these individuals, no, is not a deterrent nor an issue nor a stonewall; it is an opportunity.  No becomes an opportunity to grow stronger, a chance to redefine their approach.   The unreasonable mind concocts outrageous claims, grandiose ideas aimed at changing the world.  Naysayers will say, bureaucratic systems will drag their feet, friends and family will watch in fear, as the unreasonable person pursues his or her dream.   The unreasonable mind seeks profit in unprofitable markets and values what the mainstream fails to recognize or reward.  The unreasonable person finds the underserved market, refuses to accept it as the status quo and choses to change it.

Be unreasonable my friends. 

Select the Category that you would like to be known Notoriously for

For Expert Representation See the People that will make you Notorious.

Here is another mock up, this time a possible home page for a professional representation website.  Made with Powerpoint.


Drastically Transform Lives, Buy Warm Hearts

Sounds like a good name for a cookie doesn’t it?


The Warm Hearts Goal

We at Warm Hearts truly believe that under the right conditions, with the right help and guidance, that anyone can drastically transform their life.  This is our goal.  To provide a place for the underserved to start over, rebuild, and grow.

This is the Warm Hearts Promise.

My gift to the world

Executive Summary

World peace. End hunger.  End suffering.  Cure all diseases.  End poverty.  Create jobs for everyone. Save the whales. Provide clean sustainable energy to the world. Provide free quality education to all.  These are all worthy causes to pursue; each in its own right.  There are thousands if not millions of ways to correct, serve, and sustain each and every cause.  If the resources are available, if they can be found, there is a way.  Rather than tackling any cause in particular, I have decided to create a platform that provides the resources needed to tackle them all.  My gift to the world will be the catalyst to change societal norms and encourage volunteering.  I will call this platform Madadoo™.

Madadoo™ will be established as a hybrid for profit business.  Madadoo™ will gain monetary resources for its efforts and help people as well; while remaining tax exempt and able to receive grants, and donations.  Madadoo™ will be a social website and mobile application that will persuade people to perform charity work, and reward them for their efforts with prizes, experiences, and special events.  By differentiating Madadoo™ from other charitable platforms into an online interactive social platform I will be able to create an unchartered market for the social enterprise.  Furthermore, by building a large consumer network of corporations interested in pursuing social causes, my venture will be able to earn a profit, be self-sustaining, and utilitarian.  Additionally, I will partner with non-for profit organizations to direct volunteers to their causes.  A cyclical movement of resources from for profit businesses to non-for profit organizations may occur.  One strong caveat before you read on: this is an unreasonable idea, an unreasonable plan of action, and this calls for an unreasonable amount of change.


Madadoo™ is a social volunteer network available on the web and mobile device.  Operating as a Hybrid For Profit organization, Madadoo™ seeks to Persuade people to perform charity work, social projects, and reward them for their efforts with prizes, experiences, and special events.  By making charitable work fun, social and both extrinsically and intrinsically rewarding, I believe citizens will join the effort to make a difference in the lives of others.

Madadoo™ is also a social resource network, providing for profit corporations and non-for profit organizations a channel to perform social responsibility projects, by connecting them with volunteers.  By providing a network of scheduled charitable events, Madadoo™ will be able to attract potential volunteers interested in giving back to their communities.

Legal Structure

Madadoo™ will be structured as a Hybrid For Profit organization.  Establishing the business as such will provide it the greatest opportunity to be self- sustaining for long-term growth.  Additionally, we will enjoy a tax-exempt status and be able to receive grants and raise funds from venture capitalists and angel investors.

Reward System

It is my belief that many people do not care enough to volunteer for charitable causes.  The intrinsic feeling of helping people, the community and the environment isn’t enough.  It is also my belief that people avoid volunteering by claiming that they have no time to volunteer, they are not interested in volunteering, and that they give $20 per year to Save the Children, isn’t that enough? These claims are erroneous and it is my mission to change societies perception on volunteering and thus encourage more and more people to stand up and join a worthy cause.  Changing societal norms, values, beliefs, and opinions is rather unreasonable.  However, people are motivated by social status, money, and their egos.  Thus I have devised a system that incorporates all three motivators. Perform an act of charity earn rewards.  A theory of social currency would monetize volunteer’s efforts and motivate others to take action.  Through what I call social currency, members will be able to earn rewards for their volunteer efforts.

Each volunteering event would net the member time.  The time will be tallied and available for viewing on our website and application.  By accumulating enough time, a member earns access to a reward.

The rewards will be donated experiences and events, through partnerships with major corporations.  Corporations may be inclined to sponsor the reward experiences and events as part of their social responsibility efforts.   Examples of the types of rewards members may earn are exclusive members only experiences and events such as concerts, museum tours, and meet and greets with celebrities.  The rewards will be tiered, showing the amount of time needed to earn it, the more time committed, the greater the reward.

Tier System

  • Tier 1 will include gift cards to restaurants, theaters, and retail stores.
  • Tier 2 will include exclusive access passes to museums, art shows, theme parks, and various other places of interest.
  • Tier 3 will include tickets for concerts, sporting events, and award shows.
  • Tier 4 will include passes to behind the scenes experiences at concerts, movie sets, television shows, sports events and time with celebrities.
  • Tier 5 will include trips to exotic destinations.

Reward System




Tier 1


Gift Cards
Tier 2


Exclusive Access
Tier 3


Tier 4


Behind the Scenes
Tier 5



Example of tier structure, time needed to reach each tier, and reward earned.


A social website, where a user build a profile page, filling in key demographic and geographic information, and a photo of themselves.  The interface would link the profile page with social network pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In, to seamlessly integrate connections.  The purpose of network integration is to build brand awareness, and increase market share.  By connecting Madadoo™ to other social networks, the nodes of the network will become aware of each other’s activities and may decide to join our platform.

Mobile Application

A social application for smart phones would allow volunteers to check in at charitable locations, where the director of the cause would enter a verification code to confirm the volunteer’s hours and participation.  Making the application simple and user friendly will increase the probability of its success.

User Interaction

The volunteer would select the non-for profits he or she plans to volunteer at from a database of all US non-for profits.  If a desired non-for profit is not in our database, the user may enter the name and address of the organization along with a person to contact to our “add org “ list.  Our back office staff would then contact the desired organization and verify their 501(c) status and add it to our database.  We plan to gain permission from the National Center for Charitable Statistics to access their database, of over 1.5 million charitable organizations (foundationcenter.org).

Revenue stream

 I plan to generate income by charging potential users a small annual membership fee.  I believe potential users will pay this fee to have access to the wealth of volunteer opportunities that Madadoo™ provides as well as the reward system.  Additionally, I plan to charge for profit corporations a participation fee to sponsor events.  I believe corporations seeking social responsibility opportunities will pay this fee to have access and exposure to volunteers, charitable organizations, and events.

Example: Coca Cola may want to participate by hosting a riverbank clean up event.  Coca Cola will pay our organization a small fee to host the event, which will be posted on our website for our members to join.

Target Market

Madadoo™ has identified three target markets for its service:

1)   Corporate Sponsors

2)   Non-for Profit Organizations

3)   Volunteers

Corporate Sponsors will be targeted to join our service, sponsor charitable events of their own, and offer rewards to volunteers who participate in events.  We believe businesses both large and small will be interested in participating with our service, for two reasons: 1. Brand Awareness, 2. Social Responsibility.  By hosting an event or sponsoring prizes for volunteers, the brand name of the host company will receive positive impressions from our users, the community, and through publicity.

Non-for Profits will be targeted to join our service to sponsor charitable events of their own, gain volunteers for these events through the simplicity and convenience of our network.  The NFP’s are our main focus and are the beneficiaries of our service.

Volunteers will be targeted across all geographic, and demographic market segments.  Women, children, and men of all ages will be potential users of our service.  Narrowing this segment, we will be targeting people who have already volunteered, are looking to volunteer, and those who haven’t yet volunteered.

Staff Needed

Madadoo™ will need to hire a team of programmers to build, maintain and support our website and application.  The programmers will need to have superior knowledge of scripting languages, coding, networking, and mobile application development.

Additionally, I would like to add to the management team, by hiring a Chief Financial Officer, a Chief Marketing Officer, a Chief Technology Officer, and other administrative staff members.  Furthermore, the additional staff will be the impetus to build contacts with non-for profits, for profit corporations, and continuously create events, and build the reward system.


In order to create Madadoo™, I will need to further research and develop my idea into an actionable business plan.  Then I will contact Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors as possible sources for startup capital.  I will also enter the concept into business plan competitions.  However, being unreasonable, I believe, I may be able to develop the backbone of this venture while on a shoestring budget, once enough people have joined my beta model, I may be able to secure capital, by convincing potential investors of the concept’s viability.

Additionally I will begin to build a network of volunteers, volunteer events, and connections with non-for profit causes.  This will provide the impetus for Madadoo™ to expand.  As word of mouth reverberates through the hive, people will begin to wonder, explore, and join my venture.

Created an iPhone App using Powerpoint

Using Powerpoint here is a mock up of an iPhone App

Not Quite.  I made a mock up of an iPhone app using powerpoint.  The rest, well thats up to the coders.


The If State

I don’t wish to sound too grandiose, imaginative or dreamlike when I say that I truly believe in magic-not pulling a rabbit out of a hat or making a room full of people disappear-but I do believe that magic can occur when people get together and openly and honestly discuss a problem.

From the best restaurants in town, to how to cut expenses to space flight a problem resonates with like minded people. Magic is the feeling that you get when you discover something, the hyper, excited, exhilarating, palms sweating, blood pumping, vein in your forehead pulsating from the synapses firing, and your pupils dilate as you envision and expand and connect with another human on a much deeper level.

This magical level I will call:

The If State in Action

The If State If we can do this, if that were to be possible, if we could reach out to them, if we can make this happen.

Always reach the If State.

Imagine what we could do if we did?